The Patented Tensioning System

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The Patented Tensioning System

Facade Textile International distributes its tensioning systems on the basis of 3 patents registered since 2004.


Gripp & Key 2004

The gripp and key process has been developed with the Aero range, for a direct voltage without confection and offering the best resistance and longevity at the best price.This system remains the best concept for textile cladding and 3D.


Aero spring 2010

The first self-tensioning process to compensate for dimensional variations in aluminium frames affecting tension.

This solution will be further improved by our teams in 2021.


NEW! Solar Skin 2020

4 years of observing the market and listening to the demand.

The only process in the world capable of stretching PVC, PTFE and ETFE

A simple process accessible to all users, even non-professionals in the fabric industry.

 A real innovation at all levels.

To be distributed in 2021.

For a sustainble Facade You Can Trust the

Front Side membrane.


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