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Main Principle Of The Tensile Facade

The textile facade is a 100% recyclable and an economical green technology that reduces the impact of the sun on buildings by 70%. It has become an essential organ of light weight and sustainable construction.

The Membrane

Customized, multicolored or printed, the membranes offer a wide range of possibilities.

Offering a high level of resistance and with 10 to 20 years of warranty, this is the best material to cover buildings in high wind pressure areas.

The Patented Tensioning System

Facade Textile International distributes its tensioning systems on the basis of 3 patents registered since 2004.

The gripp and key process has been developed with the Aero range, for continuous tensioning without the need for a sewing /welding process and offering the best resistance and longevity...

The Cladding Facade System

The profiles Aero S, Aero A and TS archi are dedicated to produce textile panels in the factory and installed on site.

Flat or three dimensional, there is almost no limitation

The Covering Facade System

Covering facades are medium to large mechanic textile installations involving fixing a tension profile on a pre-existing supporting framework in order to install a manufactured or printed membrane on site. In this case, the pre-existing framework supports the pressure of the canvas.  under construction

The Sliding Panels

Using the Aero S profile, make sliding solar protection panels.  under construction

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