We are making tension system for sun protection membranes.

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We produce and sell tensile facade systems.

For our architects and facade customers, we create technical canvas tension solutions to tackle from the simplest to the most ambitious project.


Technical solutions are based on patented and certified technologies that have already been proven themselves in many wind-exposed facades around the world. (cf: Miami midtown facade #irma2017 #miami_hurricane)


The tension profiles have been tested in the university laboratory and have tear resistance certificates.


The processes of hanging textile facades are very similar to those used in the composite curtain wall, so it is very easy to compose a facade using both materials. It is very common to combine a composite sheet cladding curtain wall with a tensile facade.

Both techniques are complementary, our design office will know how to guide you for a reliable and well-built specification.


FTI's patents offer tear resistance up to 4.2 tonnes per linear meter.

It is possible to create a custom tension profile and have it extruded under license near to the site in your country.


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Send us your project of textile facade and we will communicate you the best adapted technical combination.

We will give you the contact details of the nearest professional site.

We will put you in touch with our team of engineers and CAD designers.



Send us the project plans and we will send you the appropriate technical specifications.

Get technical training around a prototype.

Buy the first test bars on our e-shop.

Join our certified network and have the systems produced near your workshop.

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