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We Produce And Sell Tensile Facade Systems.

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We supply all accessories and membranes from Serge Ferrari.

We Assist & Monitor Facade Companies

We offer support and monitoring service for production and installation.

If this is the first experience with FTI systems, it is better to receive advice from a qualified and experienced technician.

We Assist Architects & Designers

Our team collaborates with architects and designers in the pre-design phase of their textile facade projects. We assist facade companies throughout the whole installation process, to ensure safe and skillful executions of their projects

E-Library & BIM

More we produce, more we share!

Find here the full documentation and technical reports to download.

Also available the full kits of premium project's CAD.

Customize Your System

Based on the PTS patented tension system, we can design for you the perfect shape of profile you need for your project.



Skype Live Service

We live in the age of immediacy,

you need a support from a specialist now and not tomorrow!

Ask us via Skype.

Qualified Cie Network

Do not choose your installation partner randomly. FTI provides the list of the best companies able to run your projects from A to Z under our quality standard.

Produce Under License

With an open vision of what means

eco-responsible, we cannot consider anymore to produce in a part of the world and ship it by plane or boat to the other side.

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