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Are you considering a textile facade solution for your next project ? Are you an installation specialist who wants to step into the textile facade field ? We would be glad to share our expertise, and bring you answers to the questions that are dimming your vision :


How to approach the design process of a textile solution ?

Who is qualified to provide structural calculations and resistance measurements ?

Which membrane is the most suitable option for your very own configuration ?

What is covered by warranty ? Which defects in material and workmanship are our products warranted against ?

Who is certified to produce and qualified to install this new green technology ?

What maintenance operations are needed over the whole lifecycle of a long-lasting textile facade ?

What is the ecological footprint of a textile facade solution ?

How is the membranes recycling process implemented ?


Our team is available to help you assess the impact and convenience of a textile facade solution, make the best design choices, and guide installers towards successful installations.

How Can We Help !

1- Our team members collaborate with architects and designers since the pre-design phase of their textile facade projects, to help them bring their ideas to life in the most efficient way.

2- We provide calculations, CAD drawings, and 3D rendering services.

3- FTI has tight partnerships with facade specialists, which helps up in providing insightful technical analysis, and precise cost estimates.

4- For installers who are new to the textile facade world, FTI offers in-house production, on-site training sessions, and monitoring services.


If you are a facade company interested in partnering with us and learning how to perform the FTI textile facade systems, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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