We are making tension system for sun protection membranes.

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Services for architects & facade companies.

You are thinking about tensile facade for your project or becoming a future specialist, this is already a good step but how :


How to design ?

Who is able to calculate it ?

What is the suitable type of membrane ?

What is the resistance, the warranty, who can produce and install this new green technology ?

What about the services or maintenances during the life of the facade?

Is it recyclable ?

What is the next life of the membrane ?


Our team is available to help you during the full process of your project.

How Can We Help !

1- Our team collaborates with the architects for the pre-design of the textile facade projects.

2- We provide calculations, cad drawings and 3D renders.

3- The facade companies partners of FTI analyzes and quote the projects.

4- For the first textile facade project FTI propose the production and site assistance monitoring.


If you are a facade company interested in learning how to perform the textile facade systems, contact us.

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