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"We Think Global But Act Locally"

FTI selects every year the best companies for your textile facades.


After 15 years of experience, we recognize the qualities required for a realization following the rules of the art.


Unfortunately, all companies cannot install a textile facade and it is necessary for them to be trained and specialized in the technical tensile facade systems and calculations.


It is essential for the future of the textile facade business that the agents are located close to the achievements in order to bring the greatest care from the first day until the recycling.


The right partner must be within a radius of a maximum of 250 km from the facade to be achieved in order to ensure quality after-sales service.


FTI was born in Switzerland and its foundations are those of a company that favors a dynamic of proximity,

that's why we think globally but act locally.


The financial capacity is important to select the right partner. There are textile facade projects of all sizes, as well as partners of all abilities. We help architects to connect with the right partner to the size of the project.


- internal organization

- design office

- size of turnover

- 10 years of insurance

- level of experience in textile facade

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