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New 2019

With an open vision of what means to be eco-responsible, we cannot consider producing in a part of the world and shipping it by plane or boat to the other side of the planet anymore.


After analyzing the operation of textile architecture companies for more than ten years and produced several tens of thousands of m2 of textile facades.


After understanding which were the promising issues of modern environmental policies.


After losing tens of thousands of dollars in transportation, customs procedures, after paying express transportation to compensate for delays and guarantee the customer satisfaction, we learned one thing!


It does not make sense to produce systems in one part of the world if national industries on the other side can do it equally.


Let's act eco-responsible:


- We want to reduce CO2 emissions by stopping the transportation of tons of aluminum when it can be produced locally.


- We want to focus on the national economies of each country of destination by producing our local licensed aluminum.


-We want to share our expertise with as many agents as possible on the globe and learn from their experiences so that we could share it again in order to create a Fibonacci growth sequence of worldwide experience.


That is why we have created the FTI Licensed Partner Program.


A network of facade companies selected and trained with direct national production access that can ensure the best quality services, cost efficiency and a short production lead time.

What is the FTI license program?

Become an FTI licensee:


- Represent the brand locally

- Technical training

- Access to the design office and the FTI technical database

- Access to national production under license

- Sharing experience with the global network

- Avoid transport prices and costly import procedures

- Benefit from a strong commercial margin giving the advantage over the competition?

- Swiss quality certified

- Receive all requests from architects in your area


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