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Aluminium Profiles For Tensile Facade

The patented FTI tensioning system is based on a simple PVC gripper solution that forcefully inserted generates a continuous tension by rotation effect.

The  continuous tension principle makes it possible not to leave any space that could generate a stall start.

This solution guarantees that the fabric will hold well in the profile even in cyclonic zones with winds of 250 km/h.

This principle is currently the system that offers the best flexibility vs price ratio because it does not require fabric preparation.

The front view can be stretched directly from the roller on site or at the factory.


The tensioning speed is 15 mins for a 6m2 panel. youtube


+ Simple system with 3 components

+ Self-cleaning profiles

+ Resistance up to 4,2 T/ml certified in laboratory

+ Direct installation of the fabric without peripheral welding operations

+ UV protection system for the gripper

+ Beautiful finish from outside and inside

+ light structure and cost efficient

+ Patented fabric tension recovery system to compensate for dimensional   variations due to temperature differences



Anodized aluminium profile 80 x 50 mm high resistance 4,2 T ml.

 Invented for the manufacture

 of cladding tensile facade.

Reinforcements in 35 mm round tube.

Self-cleaning design



Anodized aluminium profile 80 x 50 mm high resistance 4,2 T ml.

 Invented for the manufacture

 of 3D cladding  tensile facade.

Allows hollow joints with an incoming angle or an outgoing angle

Self-cleaning design


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